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Sequoia, Janet Cordell's personal Hitty, has disappeared
 and is believed stolen from the Dayton Woodcarving Show, November 9, 2013. 

Sequoia is hand carved of Rowan wood, is 6" tall, and was last seen wearing a dark blue dress
 with a flower print and tatted lace collar made by Kay DeMattei. (See photo on left)  We are asking all who love
these wooden dolls to not only keep an eye out for Sequoia online in posts and auctions,
but to post this information to your own social media sites such as Facebook or personal websites,
and to use any other ideas you may have.  Because this happened so far from home,
the dissemination of information is probably the only tool that will have results.
  Please mention that no questions will be asked, and Janet only wants the doll returned.

Her phone number is 479-790-1872, and she can be reached through her website,
Janet has posted a Sequoia page on her website for downloading pictures for posting, and also is looking
for other good search ideas, if anyone has them, for bringing Sequoia home. 
See More Pictures of Sequoia by clicking here.

More Mysteries:


Do you know who carved this Hitty?

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HPH Crochet Dress Pattern
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The Dollshop Downstairs
Written By Yona Zeldis McDonough
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Heather Maione
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Notecard for Hitty Swap
Deadline February 6, 2019 - Closed

 Quilt for Hitty Swap
Deadline January 31, 2019 at 5 pm PST - closed

There were no swaps in 2018.


Bonnet Swap
                Deadline 5/19/17

  Daycap and Reticule Swap
           Deadline: 2/15/17

15th Anniversary Daycap and Reticule Swap

Deadline 2/15/17


   Hitty's B'day Coat Swap
              Deadline: 1/8/17

 Nightgown Swap
Deadline: 11/28/16

  Blanket Swap
Deadline: 10/12/16

    Undergarments swap!
                    Deadline: 8/20/16


  4th Hitty Christmas Ornament Swap
                  Deadline to sign up: Nov. 25th


 Doll Shop Downstairs Notebook Swap
Deadline: 5/18/15

 Doll Shop Downstairs Nurse Outfit 
Deadline: 4/24/15

 First Day of Spring Hitty Swap

  Winter-Blues Strips Swap
                 Deadline: January 20th

The Real Hitty's Birthday Swap
Deadline: 1/15/15


 Holiday Stocking Swap for Hitty

 Warm Winter Dress Swap
                  Deadline: 10/1/14

 Cuddle Up Winter Cloak/Cape Swap
Deadline: 11/28/14

 Winter/Holiday Hat/Bonnet Swap
Deadline: 12/5/14

 Christmas FQ to Peanuts Swap
                 Deadline: 11/9/14

 Fall Centerpiece for Hitty's Table

19th quilt swap! Half-Pint Hitty Quilt Swap
Deadline: 10/12/14

  Carve a Hitty Witch
At the stroke ofMidnight,
October 17, 2014

  Summer Fat Quarter to Peanuts Swap!
Deadline: 7/31/14

  Miss H. and Miss F. Fan Swap
      Deadline: 5/25/14

   Let's Go Fly a Kite Swap
                 Deadline: 5/19/14

  Spring Hankie Dress Swap
Deadline: 4/13/14

        Stepping into Spring Bonnet Swap   
          Deadline: 4/6/14   

 Hitty's Spring-Cleaning Pinny Swap
Deadline: 3/30/14

  Fussy-Cut Pillow Swap
                 Deadline:  2/15/14

 Little Hitty's Dolly Swap #9
                 Deadline:  2/25/14


 Real Hitty's Birthday Swap!
               Deadline: 1/10/14

 Sister, Can You Spare a Peanut?

  3RD Annual  Real-Life Ornament Swap
Deadline: 12/1/13

 Clothespin Elf Swap
                Deadline: 12/15/13

18th quilt swap!  I Spy Quilt Strips Swap
                     Deadline: 12/01/13

 Thanksgiving Pie Swap
                  Deadline: 11/15/13

 Turkey Anyone--and ANYTHING Swap
Deadline: 11/16/13

 Boo! Halloween Costume Time!
   Deadline: 10/17/13

 Carve a Hitty Witch
             Deadline: 10/18/13

 A Donut Shop of One's Own
            Deadline: 9/25/13

Hitty's Favorite Fabrics Strip Swap
     Deadline: 5/23/13

Grandma's Cozy Quilt 
            (Fabric Strips and Quilt Swap)
            Deadline: 4/20/13 and 5/20/13

  Easter or Spring Bonnet for Hitty
Deadline: 3/18/13

 Hitty Wants a Pet!
                 Deadline: 3/17/13

   Where's My Dolly?
              Deadline 4/2/13

      Hitty's Kimono Swap
            Deadline: 2/20/13

      Jane Austin Dress Swap
                    Deadline: 2/20/13

   Mrs. Plum's Flannel Petticoat Swap
           Deadline: 2/15/13

Be My Valentine Card Swap

 Hitty's Birthday Swap
Deadline: 1/18/13

   2nd Real-Life Ornament Swap
Deadline: 12/10/12

  Countdown to Christmas Calendar
Deadline: 11/25/12

  Hard-Sided Bonnet Swap
                  Deadline: 11/02/12 

   Jolly Poly Holiday Treat Swap
Deadline 10/08/12

  Carve a Hitty Witch
                    Deadline:  10/20/12

 Fall Fabric Fling!
                Deadline: 10/4/12

  Hittys Back-To-School Dress Swap
                     Deadline: 8/30/12 Regular Swap

  Hitty's Last Gasp of Summer Dress Swap
                Deadline: 8/30/12  Regular Swap

  Hitty's Back to School Dress Swap
Deadline: 8/30/12 Advanced swap

Alice's Tea and Me! Swap
             Deadline 6/23/12

  Summer FQ Swap
                  Deadline: 6/25/12

  4th of July Dress Swap
       Deadline: 6/20/12  FIRM

     Sleeping Beauty's Crown Swap
Deadline: 5/29/12

  Sheeps Ahoy! Swap
Deadline: 4/12

Spring Season Finery FQ Swap
Deadline: 3/28/12

 Am I a Real Princess? Bedding Swap
Deadline: 3/30/12

 Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head Swap 
Deadline: 4/5/12

  Hitty's Irish Eyes Dress Swap
             Deadline: 3/3/12

 Squeaking By...! Swap
                 Deadline: 2/27/12

  Cool Beans Peanut Swap
               Deadline: 2/29/12

 17th Quilt Swap--Winter Warmer
      Deadline: 2/25/12

  16th Quilt Swap--Red is the Color of  My True Love's Quilt! Strips Swap.
Deadline: 1/18/12

  Will You Be My Valentine? Card Swap
Deadline: 1/20/12

 Hard-Hat Hitty Bonnet Swap
   Deadline:  1/30/12

 Run, Red, Run!  
                     Deadline: 1/30/12

 Party Down, Hitty!
                 Deadline: 1/09/12


 52 weeks and 52+ swaps!

 Hitty's Nutcracker Swap
Deadline: 12/01/11

   Hitty's Holiday Stocking Swap
Deadline: 12/01/11

  Holiday Hanky Dress Swap
                Deadline: 12/05/11

  Hitty's Centralized Christmas Card Swap
Deadline:  11/18/11

 Christmas Afghan Swap
                   Deadline: 12/12/11

 Our Real Life Ornament Swap!
             Deadline:  12/5/11

  Hitty's Holiday Baking Swap
                  Deadline:  12/4/11

 Thanksgiving Centerpiece Swap
            Deadline:  11/10/11

 Snowman Anything Swap
                     Deadline: 11/15/11

   Holiday Cloak/Cape/Coat Swap
             Deadline:  11/12/11

  Thanksgiving Apron Swap
         Deadline:  11/08/11

 Hitty's Fall Hat Swap
              Deadline:  9/28/11

 15th Quilt Swap--Halloween Crazy Quilt Swap
     Deadline: 10/15/11

 Halloween Bucket Swap
          Deadline: 10/15/11

  Fabulous Fall Wreath Swap
     Deadline: 9/26/11

 Hotter Than a Habanero ‘Cause
                          I’m Not Going to San Antonio Swap

Deadline: 10/03/11

  Witch Outfit Swap
                     Deadline: 10/15/11

  Grandma's Pillows Swap
            Deadline:  9/9/11

Carve a Hitty Witch!
                 Deadline: 10/15/11

      Deadline: 9/2/11

  Scrapbook Swap Fun! 
          Deadline: 9/2/11

 Virtual Camp Piney Woods Camp Swap!

 Knit or Crochet a Dress Swap
Deadline: 8/19/11

 Free-For-All Swap!
 Deadline: 7/30/11

 Whale Anything Swap
 Deadline: 7 /14/11

 Fun in the Sun Sundress Swap

 2nd Hanky Dress Swap
Deadline: 7/11/11

   14th Quilt--Kitty Kat Kwilt Swap
Deadline: 6/25/11

 3rd Annual Yard Sale Swap
Deadline: 6/25/11

 Hitty's 2nd Rug-- Floor Pad Party!
Deadline: 6/30/11

 3rd Annual Complete the Collection Swap
Deadline: 6/21/11

 2nd From Your Clothes to Hitty's Dress!

13th  Hitty's Embroidered Remembrance Quilt

  Spring Fling Hat Swap

  Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Pillowcase Swap

 Our 2nd White Elephant Swap

   May Day Basket Swap

  Bunny Pinny Swap

  Raincoat for Hitty Swap

    2nd NunoDoll Swap

     Hitty's Hat and Hatstand Swap

   It's a Crow Free-For-All Swap!

 A Dolly for Hitty Swap

 Style 'O the Irish Swap

 Warm and Fuzzy Slippers Swap!

   (12th!) Quilt Swap--Charming Strips!

 Hitty's Suitcase/Satchel Swap 

Tea for Two!

 Hittys Birthday Swap

 Winter Wonderland Quilt Swap

 Winter Hat and Scarf Swap

 Valentine's Swap


* Hittygirls Challenges *

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Ongoing Open Challenges
     Hitty Henrietta Cyber-Saturday Paper Doll Challenge

No Deadline

Log Cabin Hitty Paper Doll Challenge and Swap 2010 - Closed

    Get It Done! UFO Challenge  - closed


 Teacups for Hitty Challenge
Deadline May 31, 2019
 April Showers Bring May Flowers Challenge
Deadline April 30, 2019

Japanese Spring Festivals Kimono and Photo Challenge
Deadline March 31, 2019

Year of the Pig Photo Challenge
Deadline February 19. 2019

  Calendar for Hitty Photo Challenge
Deadline February 3, 2019

  Quilt for Hitty Challenge
Deadline February 15, 2019 5 pm PST

 Clothespin Dolly for Hitty Challenge
Deadline March 31, 2018

Hitty Love: Out and About Challenge
Deadline February 28, 2018
  HItty's Birthday PIF Challenge
                     Deadline for mailing: February 14 /18

Quiet as a Mouse Photo Challenge
Deadline 01/31/18

Happy Birthday Hitty Photo Challenge

Deadline 01/31/18


  HItty's Holiday Portrait Challenge
Deadline: 12/

Autumn Penny Rug Challenge
Deadline: 11/25/17

 Fall Finery!
                    Deadline:  9/27/17

-Back to School!
                    Deadline:  9/27/17


  Hittygirls 15th Anniversary Bash
Open Now!

 Celebrate May!
Deadline: May 31st 

Earth Day Challenge
Deadline: April 30

   March Millinery Challenge
Deadline:  March 31st

Quilt, Coverlet or Blanket Challenge

Deadline: Feb. 29th


    Welcome Home Dress Challenge

   Ahoy, Mateys!
Deadline: September 19th

Hitty Joins the Circus!
                   Deadline: 8/29/15

14 Years! "Faux Ivory" Challenge

  Celebrate International Romani Day
Deadline:  4/18/15

 Black History Month Challenge
            Deadline:  2/28/15

 Quilt Show!
                    Deadline: 2/28/15

 Valentine's Day Photo Challenge
            Deadline: 2/13/15

Half-Pint Hitty Clothing PATTERN challenge
Deadline: 1/25/15


 Hitty Gathers Seashells Down by the Seashore
Deadine: 9/2/14

  Cherry Pit Doll Challenge
     Deadline: July 31st

  Hittygirls 13th Anniversary Blowout!
                    Ends: July 28th.  Prizes awarded July 30th

                         We Didn't Get to Go! Challenge               
              Ends June 24th

 Hitty's Trunk Challenge
                   Deadline: June 13th

  Hitty Madge's Art Exhibit Challenge
Deadline: 5/30/14

  Get It Done!  WIP Challenge 
           Deadline: June 31

  Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Challenge
       Deadline: 5/12/14

 May Basket Challenge

Signs of Spring Photo Challenge
Deadline:  4/3/14

  Cat's Away Photo Challenge
                  Deadline: 3/23/14

  Red Hot Photo Challenge
 Deadline: 2/14/14


  Fantastic Fabulous Fall Wreath Challenge
Deadline:  11/18/13

Junk to Treasure Challenge!

  Anniversary Challenge
Deadline: 8/15/13

                      Deadline: 8/15/13

  4th of July Fun!
                  Deadline: 7/1/13

Amongst the Flowers Challenge

   Kjerstin's 1930s Quilt Challenge
    Deadline: 5/30/13
Closed--all full




 It's a Wrap!

 Tree's KAL

   No More Breadcrumbs     

 Toll Bridge or TROLL bridge? 

 Summer Olympics Official Opening

It's Whole New World for Hitty

  Has Anyone 'Scene' Alice? Photo Challenge

Create any 'Sleeping Beauty' scene

 Little Bo Peep has Lost Her Sheep

 Hitty Posture PEAdic Challenge! 

 Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary Photo Challenge
Deadline: 3/11-17/12

  Belle of the Ball Photo Challenge

   Fe Fi Fo Fum Challenge           

Dolly and Me Duds! Photo Challenge
Deadline: 1/31/12

What Big Teeth You Have, Grandma Photo Challenge


Celebration Banner Photo Challenge

Big Blow-Out Celebration Challenge

Let Your Voices Be Heard!

My First Swap

  Halloween Photo Challenge

   "Scene From the Book"

  4th of July Celebration Challenge 

Hitty’s Royal Wedding Challenge

 John's and Hal's 'Oh, My
Darling Clementine (Box) Challenge'

 Bathing Beauty Photo Challenge

Hittygirls Virtual Retreat

March 2014

Sara Cole's Cloth Hitty Pattern

The Crow's present

(Hitty Paper Doll for 13th Anniversary)


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